Turin Guided Tour: a walk in the “The little Paris”

Italian history, a glimpse of enchanting elegant baroque palaces & a taste of famous Turin specialties.

Turin is known as the “little Paris, for its enchanting Baroque squares, elegant tree-lined boulevards and stately art-nouveau cafes. The city has always been an important cultural center over the centuries.

The name Turin comes from the Taurini, a Celtic tribe that first settled in the area. Later it was conquered in the early years of the first century by the Romans. They created the street pattern of the city which is still used today.

Since the middle of the 16th century, Turin became the capital of the House of Savoy, the longest uninterrupted dynasty in Europe. The city became the capital of Italy for a period of time in the 19th century after the Unification in 1861.

We cannot also forget that Turin is the capital of Italy’s car industry, being the birthplace of FIAT in 1899.

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