The beautiful Baroque palaces and churches on Turin’s Piazza Castello

Turin is full of extraordinary stories and larger-than-life characters, but you have to know where to find them.

I’m a local and a tour guide, and I’ve been exploring its best squares and palaces – it’s famous piazze and palazzi – for years, and I want to share my passion for local history, culture and food with you. Join me on this adventure in Baroque Turin.

We’ll start near the castle-like fortifications of Palazzo Madama and take a lively stroll around the majestic Piazza Castello. There’s also a short excursion to Piazza Carignano, where there are opulent palaces, extravagant churches and other ancient landmarks.

You’ll find out:

• Where the name Turin comes from
• Why Turin is known as a centre for white and black magic
• How the Royal Church of Saint Lawrence came to have two churches inside it
• Who is the wealthy family behind many of Turin’s most impressive landmarks are
• Where to find Turin’s most famous restaurant, which has fed some of Italy’s most illustrious people, along with the historic sweet shops of Piazza Castello and the original ice-cream sandwich

Whether it’s your first time in Turin or you’re a curious local, this tour is the perfect way to have a Turin adventure.

Please allow up to one hour for the walk. There are plenty of opportunities to stop at cafes, ice cream shops, bars and confectionaries. The tour does not include the entrance fees for any of the sites along the way.

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