Asti Sightseeings Walking Tour

Enjoy the ancient city by walking & sweet Tasting.

During the Asti sightseeing walking tour, you will enjoy the ancient city by walking through its narrow old streets you can feel and admire of the history by looking impressive medieval architecture, the baroque style has left amazing pattern in Asti’s buildings, churches, cathedrals, and even part of the Roman city wall.

I will guide you though the main spots and outstanding places which enrich your tour with me walking along the Asti historical streets. Please take your camera with you, Asti is full of beautiful spots for photography, you and your family will be more than happy take many photos with breathtaking spots and landscapes.

You will be able to taste local Chocolate & Nougat Tasting in the traditional family-run producer. The local food will leave the unforgettable tastes of your tour that you will be remember as the highlights of your vacation in Italy.

Asti has also a famous event – the Palio: the horse race held each year in September. I’m happy to answer at any of your questions.

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