Tour: 3 H

An unusual stroll around Art Nouveau buildings like Casa Bergui but also touching on the more modern style – known as Rationalist – of the Convitto, and San Lorenzo in Piazza Risorgimento; from the 13th-century mansion to the post-modern building (the old “filanda”, or spinnery) taking in some truffles on the way. This typical Langhe product attracts thousands of people from around the world each year, filling the streets at the start of autumn.

Walking tour starting from Piazza Garibaldi

Tour: 8 H

A day in the Langhe, a land where tradition walks hand in hand with modernity and magical views. In addition to visiting the town centre, with architecture ranging from Art Nouveau of Alba to the post-modern style, with a panoramic tour of the Barolo districts, visitors will appreciate the wineries famous for futuristic design (Terre da Vino or L’acino di Ceretto) but also for the nectar of Bacchus, served with typical local products.

The tour requires a coach or the visitor’s own transport.

POI (point of interest) : centro di Alba, Castiglione Falletto, Barolo

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